What kind of links do you build?

We promote the positive pages we set up about our clients, including social media, profile pages and blogs with a range of links. These links include guest posts, blog posts, news article links, bookmarks and social signals. We also use the assets themselves to interlink each other into a positive asset network. All the links are permanent to produce stable-long lasting results.

Do I own all the pages you set up?

Yes. You will receive an asset list document with all the positive pages and the login details for them.

How long before i see results?

You will see results from the first month of the campaign. Our aim is to solve the problem as fast as possible. We build on those results month-on-month until your goals are achieved.

What is online reputation management?

Online Reputation Management is the cleansing of the Google results pages for your name or company name. Our aim is to remove all the negative content and promote positive content online.

What content should i provide?

It is useful when clients provide a blurb about themselves, or information about their business. Photographs for profile images are also important. Video content is also needed where possible, but not essential as we can generate this as part of the campaign. To make the content reflective of you or your business, ideas about topics to write about or written blog posts will also be useful. For reporting of negative content we may require your ID.

Can news articles be removed from Google? Under what grounds?

We can report negative news articles to Google for de-indexing. This is part of the campaign. We report these on a number of grounds including the Right to be Forgotten, Personal Privacy and Defamation. If you have a court order we can report it on legal grounds. This gives us the highest chance of success.

Will the negative website know if they have been removed from google?

No. This is important to ensure that the article is not reposted elsewhere once de-indexed.

How long does it take to remove a bad review?

Negative reviews can be removed in around two weeks.

What if google refuse to remove the negative content?

If they refuse to remove the content the first time, we will follow this up with another report. We keep reporting the negative content during the campaign, as they do change their mind.

What if i want to cancel?

Once the campaign begins there is no cancellation policy. Once the agreed campaign duration is finished the client is not obligated to continue.

Are there any other costs? e.g. for news articles

The campaign will not include costs for web design or news articles. These are billed separately as needed.

How does the payment work?

Payment is taken upfront at the beginning of each month. Once payment is made the monthly campaign begins. Clients will be billed for the coming month at the start of each month and payment is expected within the first week of each monthly campaign.

Can I pay half now and half later? Or at the end of the campaign?