• Project:Crisis Management
  • Client:Personal and Corporate
  • Duration:6 Month – 12 Month campaigns
  • Budget:£1,500- £5,000 per month
  • Location:London, UK

When you are faced with a scandal, or torrent of negative news it may seem like you are nailed to the wall. A name you spent a lifetime building seems to have been ruined. Online Reputation Management specialise in bringing companies and individuals back and restoring their name. Many times, the same story is copied across a number of newspapers. It may also feature in blogs, videos and social media posts. The images used will show up in image search and the newspaper names may show up as a Google Suggestion. If the event is related to something on Wikipedia, there may be reference links linking to the negative pages. Negative news may also spill into your company reviews in Google Reviews or Glassdoor.

This may make it seemingly impossible to remove, like a cluster bomb going off on your name. However, in events like this it is usually one negative press release or piece of news that has been copied over. This means that challenging it means only removing one page, and having the rest removed easily as they say the same thing as the removed content. We can also report negative reviews for removal on a range of platforms.

Wikipedia links can be removed by our editors to remove the link authority and rankings. We can crowdsource traffic and interaction to positive pages below the negative pages and promote the positives appearing. We take your positive news and put them online in the right way. Our media outreach team can work with your chosen news websites to have your news content posted. Our approach to digital cleansing challenges the negative content without lawyers and adds more positive content without a PR company. We put you in control and have everything you will need to solve the problem in one place.

What is the result of Online Reputation Management?

The aim of the campaign is to achieve the desired result for the client. Our results are measured by what appears online for your name or brand term. Some clients may wish to disappear from Google, and not have an online presence. We are a unique method to achieving this for them. If clients need to restore their reputation after a crisis, we help them achieve this and also put in place measures that ensure it cannot happen again.


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