• Project:Branding
  • Client:Corporate
  • Duration:6 Month – 12 Month campaigns
  • Budget:£1,500- £5,000 per month
  • Location:London, UK

Your brand is your trust mark, and for a business, your livelihood. Safeguarding your brand identity means safeguarding your sales. Customers know your brand and support it with their business. When your brand is tarnished, it has a direct impact on your business. Online Reputation Management put protecting the brand into everything we do.

We take responsibility for your brand to ensure it thrives online. Our goal is to make you look established and well-liked. We curate the sentiment for your brand, laying the foundations of a positive reputation that will last. We showcase the positive feedback, news and products your brand has to offer, both from the perspective of the business and from your clients. There are a number of ways your brand can be attacked.

This can come in the form of negative news about you or your business. Sometimes negative press about an employee can spill over into the business. This is even more so for a director of a business. At Online Reputation Management we are experts at removing negative news articles from Google. Bad reviews can also directly attack your brand and so clearing them up is a top priority. Our team can remove all types of bad reviews. Forum threads, videos, images, social media and blogs can also be used to attack your business.

What is the result of Brand Protection?

If you are starting a new brand, consulting with us first will ensure you don’t put a foot wrong and start out right. From your logo, website, colours and competitor analysis - we

have you covered from every angle. We can help you build your brand up, if it is new and make it into what it needs to be to stand out from your competitors. Making you look established in Google is important for trust in your brand.

We understand how to tackle brand identity damage in all its forms. Our team will formulate a unique plan for you using tried-and-tested methods that will ensure your brand identity is clean and protected for the future. We work as an extension of your team giving your brand everything it needs to not only weather the storm, but thrive.


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