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Who we are

ORM is a UK based, established online reputation repair company who specialise in repairing tarnished and negative search results found in Google. Our experienced team of UK based, technicians treat every job as top priority as we are very aware how detrimental and harmful adverse online information can be to both a business and a individual. No job is too small or large and our personal touch can ensure success where others use software which can be very hit and miss.

Continually we have found that after repairing and improving an online reputation there is still a massive issue with adverse search results presented through Google’s Auto Complete. Past negative search results can often be embedded from the outset, for all to see, as Google repeatedly offer the adverse term and suggest it every time you or your business is searched. The issue is a vicious circle as most Google users do follow their Auto Complete results and follow the suggested search from the drop down offered.

Here at ORM we offer a fixed fee, realistic affordable solution to quickly correct Google Auto Complete, in your favour, giving you and/ or your business the fresh you deserve.

ORM have helped many individuals and companies rid themselves of such things as ‘crook, rip-off, con, scam and bogus’ being Auto Completed by Google after their name and/ or business title. These highly toxic words, when used by Google Auto Complete, can destroy a reputation or career and even break a business so don’t suffer at the hands of others or negative past search terms.

Don’t let Google Auto Complete depict you or your business in a negative way – without our help it’s a problem that may never go away!

Let ORM shape the suggested search terms, putting your firmly back in control of what Google Auto Complete says about you.